Lawn Treatments in Blue Ash OH

Lawn Treatments in Blue Ash OHIt is that season again! If you are getting ready to start working on your lawn and turn it into a beautiful patch of paradise, stop and take stock for a minute. In spring, things may feel overwhelming a little, as you have so much to do and so many lawns care and maintenance areas to cover. Besides aeration and overseeding, which should be the first activities to put on the list, today we want to talk to you about fertilization and weed control, the trickiest tasks one has to handle this time of year. Our experts in lawn treatments in Blue Ash OH are here today to break things down and explain some things to you.

The Importance of Professional Lawn Treatments in Blue Ash OH

Lawn care and maintaining a garden and a landscape, in general, come with a few issues you may not have thought about in the past years: our impact upon the environment. The more we use chemicals on the soil and plants, the more damages we can cause to nature around us.

But here are some other things you should know:

  • Beyond the ecological aspect of improper fertilization and weed control, our experts in lawn treatments in Blue Ash OH also recommend homeowners to embrace the idea of professional services if not for the environment, at least for their own sake.
  • Blending and mixing of store-bought chemicals take time and can prove dangerous in the long term.
  • Moreover, even if the herbicides are affordable, burning the lawn or modifying the soil’s pH costs more to fix than professional lawn treatments in Blue Ash OH.
  • The results of fertilization and weed control are co-dependent of the results yielded by other lawn care activities, especially aeration, overseeding, pest control, watering, and seasonal cleanups. You cannot have one without the others. For this reason, it is always safer, cheaper, and more comfortable to hire experts in lawn maintenance in Blue Ash OH than doing things by yourself.

What Can Our Experts do for you?

Before we begin working on your property, we will perform an initial evaluation. Once things are clear, we can recommend aeration, dethatching, overseeding, mulching, and more. Our lawn treatments have become a model of good practices in the area, as they consider all aspects and variables:

  • We perform pre-emergent, post-emergent, and spot weed treatments included in a broader yearlong program;
  • We also apply herbicide sprays and teach you what to do on the lawn during the time following an application;
  • You benefit from regular check-ups, so our experts know at all times when and if they should intervene in the case of more stubborn weeds;
  • You get tailored lawn treatments in Blue Ash OH. We make our blends depending on the type of soil you have, the varieties of herbs we have to deal with, the weather, the state of your lawn, and so on.
  • You can get integrated services of lawn care and maintenance, including but not limited to lawn mowing, landscaping, outdoor living structured building, pest control, and more.

Keep your lawn lush and safe this season with our state of the art lawn treatments in Blue Ash OH! Besides offering free estimates for any job you have in mind for us, we also back up any services with our risk-free satisfaction policy! Call us today!