Lawn Care in Clifton OH

Lawn Care in Clifton OHLush lawns and gardens need a lot of work, and you already know this. We are sure you also love taking care of your yard, tending to your beautiful flowers and shrubs. Even if you enjoy mowing your lawn every other weekend, a perfectly manicured property requires ample effort, time, and budget. If you want to put the hassle behind you and engage only in the pleasures of gardening, our experts in lawn care in Clifton OH have a few things to share with you today!

What are our Best Practices in Lawn Care in Clifton OH?

It all begins with you requiring a free estimate. You do not have to worry, as we provide you with one no matter the size of your lawn. Next, we will discuss in length the health of your garden, visit you, and put together a care and maintenance strategy for the long term.

In spring, lawns burst to life, but they also have to suffer many threats. Did you know that weeds are more likely to fight against the grasses for nutrients and territory right after you overseeded the lawn? Did you know that some herbs attract different pests that can run havoc if you do not control them in time?

To avoid such dangers and enjoy a healthy and robust lawn until late fall, we can help you with the following jobs:

  • Regular lawn mowing and property inspections; we will offer you heads-up concerning the best times to water, prune, trim, and treat your lawn to keep it thriving;
  • A perfectly manicured and clean lawn is a real patch of paradise for you, the family, friends, and pets even, but you have to care for it with undivided attention; our experts in lawn care in Clifton OH are your best people for this job!
  • We also offer integrated and correlated activities. Our fertilization and weed control program is a staple of our company and clients come back each year for more. Our lawn treatments are safe from an environmental point of view. Moreover, we blend our fertilizers so they can tackle a wide range of weeds that might try to invade your lawn this year, besides the common broadleaf ones you already know.
  • Our pest control services cover a broad spectrum of yard and garden pests as well.
  • In case you want more services for your property, you should know we could design, redesign, and build your entire landscape. Should you desire a particular area dedicated to barbecuing or to “around the fire” comfort, our landscape architects and builders create generous and gorgeous living spaces for you.

Why Should You Work with Us?

One of the reasons customers choose us for their lawns and landscapes is that working with us is completely safe. We enforce upon ourselves a satisfaction policy stating that we will come back to do the job again provided it does not meet your quality criteria. In other words, for all services of lawn care in Clifton OH and for any other service we provide, we strive to reach perfection, with no fuss and no extra costs!