Landscaping in Mason OH

Landscaping in Mason OHWhen they think of landscaping, some people consider the job done when they finish trimming and pruning trees or planting flowers. Of course, such tasks represent only small parts of a more elaborate scheme. If you ever wondered how a new patio would blend in your property or what benefits an outdoor living room would bring to your family, it means you had large-scale landscaping ideas. Today, we will tell you how whenever you think big in landscaping in Mason OH, our experts can turn those dreams into reality.

What do We Mean by Landscaping in Mason OH?

Our company has been active in the green/outdoor industry for many years. When we talk about landscaping, we mean creating an outdoor environment where all the vegetal and hard elements connect like puzzle pieces, functioning together like a well-oiled machine. You should not worry, however. We are working on any project you dream of, no matter the size of your property or the complexity of your project.

Let’s break down the steps of landscaping in Mason OH that we can offer:

  • Discussion and evaluation. It is the first step to take, and it consists of a meeting with our architects so they can understand better what you have and what you wish to have. They make sure your plans are feasible, and they will blend in your vision with their solutions and recommendations regarding sustainability, maintenance, and robustness of your future landscape.
  • Landscape installation. When you and the designated team reach a common perspective on the design, the technician’s team and the architects start working on your property. We can install the vegetal landscape and make sure all the elements we add will minimize maintenance costs while preventing future problems to occur.

In case you desire hardscape elements and outdoor constructions, we are here to tell you that we can build anything you wish in terms of garden fireplaces and fire pits, outdoor kitchens, patios, and living rooms, children’s playgrounds, barbecue areas, and more.

You Can Always Call Us for Integrated Services

Did you know that weeds are more likely to invade a yard after you overseeded it? In other words, you cannot spend too much time relishing your new lawn or the redesigned back yard, because weeds will fight for territory and resources against your vegetation.

In case you need us to maintain what we built, you just have to ask. Our company is a full-service one, able to provide clients with yearlong care and maintenance programs, including frequent law mowing, fertilization and weed control, pest control, cleanups, mulching, and more.

Everything about Hardscape Design & Build is Safe in Our Hands

We don’t talk only about the environmental care and precaution we show no matter the work we do, but the fact that all clients should be safe when they entrust their properties to a service provider. For this reason, you can always put our experts in landscaping in Mason OH to the test. Our risk-free warranty allows you to call us back and have us redo the jobs for free in case the results do not meet the standards. Ask for a free estimate and let’s get to work!