Landscaping Cincinnati OH

Landscaping Cincinnati OHWhether you want to build a landscape from scratch, redesign the existing one, or tweak it to increase the property’s curb appeal, our experts in landscaping in Cincinnati OH can make all your dreams come true for the most affordable of prices. Tuition Lawn and Landscape is a landscaping contractor with more than ten years of experience in the industry. If you want your property to win the “Landscape Design of the Neighborhood” award each year, it is time to learn more things about us!

Everything you need to know about our Services of Landscaping in Cincinnati OH

Once you decided you wanted to benefit from our expert landscape installation services, we will first build a detailed design and plan to put both our visions on the same page.

  • We factor in everything, from your desires to the type of soil and shade areas on your property.
  • We make sure we tackle all site problems, incorporate your wishes fully into the design, find the best environmental solutions, and cut back unnecessary costs with the construction.
  • Next, we start building your dream under your eyes.

Here are some specific elements of landscaping in Cincinnati OH that we can offer:

  • Installation of turf, flower planting, adding of vegetal elements like shrubs, trees, hedges, and more;
  • Hardscapes and features of outdoor construction: pavers, walkways, fences, patios, decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, retaining walls, gazebos, and more;
  • Landscape lighting;
  • Landscape maintenance – year-round services meant to protect and enhance the health and beauty of your landscape.

Our landscape designers, horticulture experts, hardscape specialists, and architects use plants and hard elements to follow the principles of design to a tee: form, balance, scale, repetition, color, contrast, continuity, and texture.

Our aim is to harmony in all our landscape designs with minimal maintenance costs, full functionality, and avoidance of future potential problems.

Extended Services of Landscaping in Cincinnati OH, including Hardscape Design & Build: Your Ideal Choice

Do you still wonder why you should work with us? Let’s see a few more reasons why our exceptional services are the right choice for you:

  1. We are full lawn care and landscaping in Cincinnati OH service provider. Instead of hiring different firms for lawn care, landscape maintenance, tree trimming, or seasonal cleanups, you can rely on us to deliver outdoor work all year long. Competitive prices, one bill, transparent and straightforward pricing systems, outstanding results, and a team dedicated to your needs – what could you ask more?
  2. We will not just build you a landscape and leave you to it. On the contrary, you can ask us to design you a year-round customized property maintenance program with scheduled visits and specific activities meant to preserve your vegetal landscape and hardscape. Our landscape maintenance programs include regular checkups, seasonal hedge, tree, and shrub trimming and pruning, spring and fall cleanups, and more.
  3. We will always follow our pre-designed schedule; in case of delays, we will notify you in due time;
  4. We work only with trained and experienced professionals in their fields, the latest techniques, equipment, and products. We care for the environment and peoples’ safety as much as you do, so all our services follow sustainability and safety rules;
  5. You will become friends with our route workers in no time;

Your satisfaction is our foremost objective, but we are sure we will pleasantly surprise you! Ask for a free estimate and let’s talk about your dream landscape!