Outdoor Living Spaces – Pizza Ovens

Outdoor Living Spaces - Pizza Ovens

Imagine the enticing smell of a handmade pizza infused with a classic wood fired smoky flavor, or the aroma of a freshly baked loaf of bread. With the addition of a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen area, you can experience these and many other culinary delights. Move cooking duties outside to keep your home cool on those hot summer days. Our hardscape designers can create an oasis for your entertainment needs.

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Winter is Coming – Get prepared now for the snow and save!

If you’re having any doubts that you need to prepare for winter this year you might want to check your Farmer’s Almanac. According to it we are definitely in for more than the normal amount of snow this year. At Tuition Lawn and Landscape we can take care of all of your snow and ice management needs.

Scheduling your snow services now will help to guarantee you are prepped for winter. If you wait till the first snow storm it may to late to get the help you need as all snow removal service providers will already be fairly busy on those days. So don’t delay and contact us today!

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It’s Time For Fall Leaf Clean Up

Fall is upon us and it’s that time of year when the leaves begin to turn their beautiful colors, but they also begin falling from the trees and while they may be beautiful to look at they are in fact not good for you lawn. Your lawn needs to breathe and the leaves will suffocate your lawn. They are also the guilty ones responsible for causing snow mold in winter when the snow begins to fall. There are even some grasses that revitalize in the fall when the sun is bright, and there is plenty of nutrients and water for your lawn these grasses will do well. So contact us today!

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Aeration and Overseeding this Fall

Aeration is the process of removing small soil plugs from your lawn utilizing an aerator. After a hot, dry summer and during this season the climate creates a layer of thatch that builds up just below the grass blades. This is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the grass and soil surface. It’s important to also note that the root of the grass is shorter during this time and is not the ideal situation for growing a healthy lawn. Aerating your lawn will leave holes in the lawn from 2.5″ – 4″ and these holes will allow water and nutrients, and set up your lawn for overseeding.

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Drainage Issues Got You Bogged Down?

It’s that time of year when the Tri-state falls prey to heavy rains and flash floods causing insurmountable water damage to your yards and plants. It’s important to take care of your drainage issues to avoid as much damage as possible when heavy rainfalls and flooding occurs.

A professional lawn and landscaping company will be able to assess your drainage issues and help you to clean up any damage already created and create a plan for you to help offset future drainage issues and damage. A good designer will analyze your yard, and establish its exact topography and be able to spot elevations that tell the designer where problems lie so that they can solve the issues through design.

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