Aeration and Overseeding this Fall

Aeration is the process of removing small soil plugs from your lawn utilizing an aerator. After a hot, dry summer and during this season the climate creates a layer of thatch that builds up just below the grass blades. This is a tightly interwoven layer of living and dead tissue existing between the grass and soil surface. It’s important to also note that the root of the grass is shorter during this time and is not the ideal situation for growing a healthy lawn. Aerating your lawn will leave holes in the lawn from 2.5″ – 4″ and these holes will allow water and nutrients, and set up your lawn for overseeding.

Aeration & Overseeding

Overseeding is done once the aeration process has been complete and fall is the perfect time to introduce or add new varieties of grass to your lawn. Typically grass seed is spread over your entire lawn at a rate of about 4 or 5 pounds per one thousand feet. The new seeds will fall into the holes created by the aeration process and now have the perfect environment to germinate and create a beautiful lawn for next spring and summer.

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PS Don’t forget we also offer tree service including pruning, removals as well as stump grinding and we have an on call arborist at your fingertips.

PPS This is also a great time of year to get your pressure washing done before it gets too cold.